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About Us

Message from our CEO


Welcome to Aspire Learning Trust, Whittlesey. We are small Trust consisting of one Secondary and two Primary schools dedicated to serving our communities by providing great schools for our children to attend. We have high ambition to provide an effective, broad, and balanced education rooted in an excellent curriculum that meets the needs of all our students.

Our ambition is summarised in the key values that are at the heart of all our schools. These are: -

  • Aspire for excellence in everything you do
  • Show courage and resilience
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Be confident to speak out when you are concerned or have something to say

These values apply to all members of our community, whether children, staff, governors or volunteers. We want everyone to thrive within a culture that aspires for the best whilst caring deeply for the well-being of all within our community.

We are proud that all of our schools are judged to be good by Ofsted and are committed to continually reflecting on what we do so that we can get better year by year.


Dr Duncan Ramsey