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Trust Policies

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  1. A19 ECT Policy
  2. A43 - SHSCC Admissions policy
  3. A44 - PLP Admissions policy
  4. A45 - NRP Admissions policy
  5. A60a - Ordinary Paternity Leave and Pay (Birth)
  6. A60b - Ordinary Paternity Leave and Pay (Adoption)
  7. Absence Management and Supporting Attendance Policy (A7)
  8. Absence Management Policy - Sept21
  9. Acceptable Use Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A33)
  10. Acceptable Use Policy Sept21
  11. Allegations of abuse against staf & volunteers Sept 21
  12. ALT Adoption Leave Policy - October21
  13. ALT Charging and Remissions Policy A50
  14. ALT Fire Safety policy Oct21
  15. ALT H&S overarching policy Oct2021
  16. ALT Maternity policy 20211005
  17. ALT Safeguarding policy Sept21
  18. ALT Schools Determined Admission Arrangements for 2022
  19. Annual Leave Policy (A58)
  20. Application for Time Off for Training or Study Policy (A29)
  21. Bullying and Harassment policy (A31)
  22. Care Experienced LAC Policy (A52)
  23. CCTV Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A39)
  24. Central Costs Contribution Policy (A58)
  25. CEO Expenses Policy - Oct21
  26. Code of Conduct for All Adults Policy) (A21)
  27. Complaints Policy (A34a)
  28. Data Protection Policy (A13)
  29. Data Retention Guidelines Aspire Learning Trust (A40)
  30. Determined Admission Arrangements - New Road, Park Lane & SHSCC
  31. Disciplinary Procedure Relating to Misconduct for All Employees (A36)
  32. Disciplinary Rules for All Employees (A35)
  33. Discretionary Leave of Absence Policy (A8)
  34. Educational Trips and Visits Policy (A57)
  35. Email Protocol and Email Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A38)
  36. Employee Wellbeing Statement of Intent approved (A55)
  37. Equity and Diversity Policy and Equality Objectives Aspire Learning Trust (A14)
  38. Exit Interview Procedures approved (A54)
  39. Expenses for Governors, Trustees and Members Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A27)
  40. Financial Regulations Manual (A15)
  41. Fire Safety Policy (A56)
  42. Flexible working policy - Oct21
  43. Flexible Working Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A9)
  44. Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (A47)
  45. Freedom of Information Request Policy and Procedure and all appendices (A47)
  46. Gifts & Hospitality Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A2)
  47. Health and Safety Policy (A16)
  48. Intimate Care Policy (A32)
  49. Lettings Policy (A56)
  50. LGPS Discretions 20210929
  51. Managers Guide to Conducting Investigations Policy (A37)
  52. Maternity Leave and Pay Policy (A53)
  53. Mileage Claims approved (A56)
  54. NQT Induction Policy (A50)
  55. NRP H&S Policy Oct 21
  56. NRP Safeguarding Child Protection Policy - Covid-19 School Arrangements
  57. Pay Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A16)
  58. Performance Appraisal and Capability Policy (A28)
  59. Personal Information Poilcy (A19)
  60. Physical Intervention Policy (A30)
  61. PLP H&S policy Oct21
  62. PLP Safeguarding Child Protection Policy - Covid-19 School Arrangements
  63. Privacy Notice Aspire Learning Trust (A22)
  64. Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy (A24)
  65. Recruitment Selection Policy Aspire Learning Trust (A20)
  66. Redundancy Policy (A12)
  67. Reserve Pooling Policy (A46)
  68. Safeguarding & Child Protection policy (A03)
  69. Shared Parental Leave Policy - adoption (A10)
  70. Shared Parental Leave Policy - birth (A17)
  71. SHS H&S Policy Oct21
  72. SHSCC Safeguarding Child Protection Policy - COVID-19 School Arrangements
  73. Special Severance Payments Policy (A25)
  74. Staff Grievance Procedure (A6)
  75. Staff Induction Policy (A01)
  76. Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and Other Staff and Volunteers Policy (A4)
  77. Time off for Training or Study review approved (A29)
  78. Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy (A54)
  79. Whistleblowing Policy (A11)
  80. Whistleblowing policy Sept21
  81. Whole Trust Pay Policy (A18)